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Diesel Repair Services

We offer a variety of diesel services to help you get back on
the road and keep your life safer

Oil Change and Lube Service

Keeping up on oil change frequency can make your diesel engine run longer and save you money.

Brake Inspection

Maintaining your trucks brakes will keep your truck safe. Stop in for a complete inspection.

Transmission Service

Preventative Transmission maintanance now will save you from BIG problems later. CALL TODAY...

Fuel Filter Service

The most notable benefit from a clean fuel filter is engine performance. These aren't always the easiest to change for you DIY's...

Check Engine Light

Your Check Engine Light may be a simple problem that's easy to fix or, it could be a warning of a catastrophic problem.

Diesel Engine Performance

Top rated parts from the top manufactures Tuners, Filters, Injectors and more... Clean injectors prevent engine from misfiring...

Diesel Engine Repair & Maintenance

OUR experts have the answer for most frequently asked questions about service, call or stop in, you're always welcome.

Expensive Oil Changes Are Here to Stay

Oil changes may be more expensive with the top quality products available here compared to other conventional oil change spots, but having your service done by a diesel expert once or twice a year keeps annual costs to nearly a wash.

What's Included in a Service?

With every diesel oil change our trained technicians do a complete fluid check to make sure all fluids are at the proper level. We top off ANY fluid FREE of charge. Should your truck need a little extra love we can send it over to the main shop.

Do You Really Have to Change Your Fuel Filter Every 15,000 Miles?

Yes, They ensure that only clean fuel is sent to the engine by removing dirt, debris and other contaminants. The engine may stall and come to a complete stop if the amount of fuel getting to the engine is insufficient.


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